2023 Venice Biennale: 18th International Architecture Exhibition

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation with Design 5 – Architects have been included in the exhibition ‘Unsettling Queenstown‘, an Australian contribution to the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, 2023 Le Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennale). Located in the Australian Pavilion, the exhibition’s purpose is to present a range of ‘tactics’ to de-colonise architecture practices in Australia. KBHAC along with Design 5 – Architects, have presented the ‘tactic’, ‘Truth Telling – Survivors at the centre of the Design Process‘.


For more information from Google Arts & Culture:

Place & Memory at Kinchela Boys Home

How Propaganda Hid Abuse at Kinchela Boys Home

A National Site of Truth Telling and Healing at Kinchela Boys Home