2023 National AIA Architecture Awards

The 2023 National Australian Institute of Architecture Awards were announced on the 31st of October at the National Gallery of Australia, celebrating design excellence all around the country.

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal Project

The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal project was awarded the National Lachlan Macquarie Award for Heritage and the National Emil Sodersten Award for Interior Architecture. Design 5, as heritage architects, were part of a large consultant team led by ARM and Sydney Opera house.

Extracts from jury citations:

“The design team spared no time or effort in their exploration of the right method for every surface. Working extensively through onsite exploration, and with exhaustive modelling to trial, test and retest, they have given the Concert Hall and its adjoining spaces new life within a vastly improved functional framework. Switching easily and speedily between modes, from symphony orchestra to rock concert, the hall makes music and performance of all kinds available to more people than ever before. The adjoining tunnel and accessibility changes also improve equity, with the lift offering a breathtaking journey between floors. Existing timbers, gently cut by hand to ensure protection, are complemented by new materials that avoid mimicry, ensuring a seamless experience. Every detail – from the user journey to instrument movement and acoustic performance – has been investigated at length, and the final result is a piece of architecture that the country can be proud to call our own. This is truly a space worthy of international recognition.”

See the announcement here:

2023 National Architecture Award Winners

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall