Glebe House


2010 – 2012

The 1895 house is one of three significant Federation houses built as one development, intended to be viewed as a unified composition. The repair, restoration and alteration of the existing house and construction of a new extension including a dining wing, gallery and rear lane pavilion were carried out in 2010-2012.

The project aims to achieve a good fit with the client brief, heritage streetscape and rear lane service character. The original house and new extension which extend to side and rear boundaries, are arranged around a private courtyard dominated by a mature Sydney Blue Gum. A new gallery links the 1890s house and new rear pavilion. The courtyard garden and eastern gallery embody the idea of connection: old and new, front and back, inside and outside, formal and informal.

Modern and traditional craft skills, materials and techniques were applied to both existing and new structures in an integrated and creative way resulting in a unified expression of old and new. Close collaboration and consultation throughout the design, documentation and construction process between client, architect, consultants and builder was key to a successful outcome that reflected the desires and aspirations of the client and resolved the unique site constraints.