Design 5 - Architects, established by Alan Croker in March 1992, has become a leading firm in the field of specialist conservation, adaptive re-use and associated new works, heritage assessments and conservation management planning.

The firm brings to all its projects a thorough knowledge of conservation principles and practice, traditional building technology and architectural history.

Design 5 - Architects actively promotes a philosophy of combining the highest standards of contemporary design, true to its period, in harmony with the highest standards of conservation. In architectural terms, this produces an honest and functional building where the integrity and detail of the existing significant fabric is conserved and the new elements speak truthfully of their time, respecting and enlivening the earlier work.

With all projects, Design 5 - Architects always begins from a thorough understanding of the place and its context. Thus all solutions, whether conservation or new work, are sensitive and considered responses to the values and meanings of the place and its context.

Design 5 - Architects aims to maintain the highest level of integrity and accuracy in its analysis of structures and places, thus providing a sound basis for an understanding of significance, policy decisions, technological solutions, and interpretation, as well as for appropriate and viable adaptation and new uses.